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Pay & Benefits ​

Our pay scale is among the highest in Micronesia, and depends on specifics of your contract. There are no production numbers or bonuses, no artificial quotas to meet, no managers coming by to "have a chat" about our billing numbers. We work long hours because that is what our patients need from us, but our motivation remains entirely internal. 


Full-Time Contracts:

  • Vacation: Eight (8) hours per pay period (bi-weekly), on an full-time Employment Contract

  • Sick leave: Four (4) hours per pay period  (bi-weekly)

  • A $10,000 one-time relocation assistance payment program for initial contracts of at least 2 years

  • Retirement plan 401-K (Ref: Pacific Group Life Forms/CNMI)

  • Generous health insurance  AETNA Health Insurance

  • Life insurance

  • And (best of all) after living in the CNMI for 183 days in a calendar year, all income earned in the CNMI is subject to a 90% rebate of Federal Income Tax. (Full requirements)

  • No additional local tax

  • No property tax

  • No sales tax

  • What you earn is what you get to keep! $200,000 earned on Saipan equates to well over $300,000 in San Francisco, California.  See here to compare.

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